Renting in Copenhagen – find out more about apartment renting in Copenhagen

Are you interested in knowing more about renting in Copenhagen, then read more about this subject in this brief article. Short term rental in Copenhagen for visitors is widely available where you are able to rent apartments for as short time as a few days and up to a month.

Apartment renting in Copenhagen

If you are going to Copenhagen for a short period of time, then renting an apartment while you are there can be a great alternative to staying in a hotel. Renting your own apartment gives you the comfort of a homely feeling, which can be exactly what you need after a joyous, but also long day out in the city.

Who is apartment renting in Copenhagen suitable for?

Apartment renting in Copenhagen is particularly suitable for groups and families that need and want some extra comfort, when they return home after a long day out. For single travelers, then you might be better suited staying in one of Copenhagen’s many hotels, hostels or bed and breakfast places, because the better chances of meeting new people and striking up conversations there.

Booking an apartment

Apartment renting in Copenhagen is offered by various online agencies. Through these online agencies, you are able to see pictures of the apartments and get a description of the utilities in the apartments. These apartments belong to ‘real’ people and are therefore both homely and fully furnished. This of course also usually includes kitchen facilities, refrigerator, freezer, stove, oven and such like.

These apartments are for short term rental only. The minimum stay is usually at least a couple of days whereas the maximum stay is usually not more than 1 month.

Booking can in many cases happen directly through the agency’s website. Sometimes the booking needs to be verified with the owner in which case it will take a short while before you know if your booking has been successful.

When you do the booking, you will often also be required to pay a deposit. Also, always remember to book your apartment before you arrive to Copenhagen.

Key pick-up

When you arrive in Copenhagen, you will need to meet with either the owner or the agency, who will then hand you over the key to the apartment. If there is any outstanding payment, this will usually also be concluded at this time. Then when you leave Copenhagen, you will then hand the key back over to either the agency or the owner.

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Where to stay in Copenhagen – information and advice about where to stay in Copenhagen

Are you going to Copenhagen this year and are wondering where to stay in Copenhagen? If so, then get some good advice in this article about the different kinds of accommodation available for travelers to one of the prettiest capitals in Scandinavia and indeed in all of Northern Europe. Copenhagen offers a wide range of different types of accommodations and should be able to meet your demand whether you are a budget traveler, travelling as a family or in town on business.

Where to stay in Copenhagen – the location

When you have to decide where to stay in Copenhagen, you have basically three choices: The inner city, the areas immediately surrounding the inner city and the suburbs a short ride outside of town.

Staying in the inner city close to areas such as Strøget, the City Hall Square, Nyhavn, Christiansborg, Amalienborg and the Central Train Station is a great experience. However, this area can also be very busy, which may not appeal to all kinds of travelers.

An alternative, therefore, is to stay in areas such as Nørrebro, Vesterbro, Østerbro or Christianshavn which are located just a short walk away from the city centre. These areas are also very unique, with Christianshavn being a marina area, Østerbro being known as an exciting part of town with many young people and many immigrant stores and with Vesterbro known as the Bohemian part of Copenhagen.

Finally, if all you really want to do is chill after a long day out, then maybe you should stay in suburbs such as Brønshøj, Frederiksberg or the idyllic peninsula Amager. These suburbs are much quieter than the city centre and its surrounding areas, but is still located within very easy reach. Public transportation in Copenhagen is very effective (both the busses and the metro) and taxis can be flagged down all over town.

Where to stay in Copenhagen – the type of accommodation

As a capital city, Copenhagen of course offers many different kinds of accommodation. If you are in town on business, then staying at one of the many fine hotels in the city centre or surrounding areas is the natural choice.

If on the other hand, you are a budget traveler, then Copenhagen also has a number of hostels and bed and breakfast places to offer. Hostels can be looked up when you arrive, but if you want to stay at a bed and breakfast you should book your room before arrival.

Finally, in terms of where to stay in Copenhagen, you can consider renting your own apartment. This can either happen in connection with a hotel, which is kind of a mix between a real apartment and a hotel room. Alternatively, you can book one of the many “real” apartments in Copenhagen that the owners have decided to rent out short term for visiting tourists and business travelers.

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Copenhagen flat rent – information about organizing Copenhagen flat rent

Will you be visiting Copenhagen this year for either business or pleasure? If so, then learn more here about Copenhagen flat rent.

Staying in your own flat is a very cosy way of spending your time in Copenhagen and provides a much more relaxed setting, than if you were staying at a hotel. This article will provide more information about Copenhagen flat rent and where you find and book your apartment.

Where to find Copenhagen flat rent?

Copenhagen flat rent can be organized with a variety of online agencies renting out apartments on a short term basis. The flats are not owned by these agencies, who only serve as the middle man between the owner and the people renting the apartment.

The agency usually rent out flats all over town, no matter whether you want to have an apartment in the charmingly busy city centre of Copenhagen or in some of its more quiet suburbs. Furthermore, the apartments are of different standards, depending on what your price range is.

These online agencies can be found through searching online on various relevant keywords and phrases such as: Flat rent in Copenhagen, apartments for rent in Copenhagen, Copenhagen apartments and so on.

On the websites of the agencies, you can find a full description of the various apartments for rent. These descriptions will typically in both words and pictures show the layout of the apartment, explain where it is located as well as what the price is.

This creates a highly transparent environment for the customers with no unpleasant surprises awaiting, when you arrive to Copenhagen. Furthermore, the clear information allows you also to compare different agencies with each other, in order to find the best quality at the most reasonable price.

Conditions for Copenhagen flat rent

In terms of conditions, then there is typically both a minimum and maximum amount of days you can book these holiday apartments. Typically, you need to stay at least 3-4 days and not staying much longer than one month.

The booking will usually happen online some time before you arrive to Copenhagen. Because of that, you often have to pay a deposit. Usually, you do not have to pay the full price for the flat until you arrive in Copenhagen.

When you do arrive in Copenhagen, you will have to meet up with either the agency or the owner to get the key. If you have not paid yet, payment will usually also be concluded at this time.

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Bed and breakfast in Copenhagen – learn where you can find bed and breakfast in Copenhagen

Is your holiday heading for the beautiful and charming Danish capital of Denmark? If so, then you may consider staying in one of the many bed and breakfast in Copenhagen.

Bed and breakfast is a cosy alternative to more traditional means of accommodation and is a great way to experience real Danish culture. In this article, you can read more about bed and breakfast in Copenhagen and where bookings can be made.

Bed and breakfast in Copenhagen

The Danish capital has more than 75 different bed and breakfast places. These bed and breakfast are located all over Copenhagen.

Some of these are located in Copenhagen’s inner city close to the central train station, Tivoli, city hall and the famous shopping street Strøget. Others are located further out in suburbs such as Valby, Frederiksberg and Amager. If you stay in one of these suburbs, busses, train or taxi will be able to take you to the city centre within half an hour.

Bed and breakfast places in Copenhagen are usually located in either apartments or in a villa. A few bed and breakfast places also offer accommodation in charming out farmhouses.

Price of a bed and breakfast in Copenhagen

The price for staying in Copenhagen at a bed and breakfast obviously varies from place to place. However, usually you will be able to find good accommodation for between 70 and 120 US Dollars per night. If you have a companion traveler, the price of this extra person is usually only a fraction of the price for the first person.

For most of these places, breakfast is of course included in the price. If not, it can be bought for a fair price between 10 and 20 US Dollars.

Where do I book a bed and breakfast in Copenhagen?

A room at a bed and breakfast can of course be booked directly at the bed and breakfast place. An often easier alternative though, is to utilize the many websites and online agencies from where you can rent a room at your preferred bed and breakfast. With this method, it is easier to compare the individual bed and breakfast places against each other, both in terms of quality as well as the price.

No matter what method you choose, be sure to have booked your room before you arrive to Copenhagen. Especially in the high season, bed and breakfast fill up quickly, in which case you are advised to make your booking at least one week in advance.

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Rent in Copenhagen – learn about how to find places for rent in Copenhagen

Have you booked your ticket to Copenhagen, but have not yet made arrangements for your accommodation? If this is so, this article will tell you more about the different alternatives that this great capital city of Denmark has to offer.

In particular, we will focus on apartment rent in Copenhagen and how this can be a great alternative for families, groups, couples and people on business trips, who want to enjoy maximum comfort and relaxation during their stay in Copenhagen.

Hotels in Copenhagen

The traditional option to opt for for travellers is to book your accommodation with a hotel or a hostel. Copenhagen in this sense has much to offer with hotels scattered all over the capital’s inner areas. Furthermore, if you want to live a bit further out in the more quiet suburbs that is also possible. Hotels in Copenhagen can be found in all price ranges, no matter your financial limitations.

Are you a budget traveller then Copenhagen also offers a variety of cheap, backpacker style hostels. Furthermore, for people on the lookout for interaction with ‘real’ Danish people, there are more than 100 bed and breakfast places in Copenhagen, giving you a chance to witness Danish culture first hand.

Rent in Copenhagen

Another option than staying at a hotel is to arrange for apartment rent in Copenhagen. Apartment rental is a fantastic alternative to staying in a hotel, because it gives you a much more warm and homely feeling, when you return back to your apartment after an enjoyable, but tiring day out in the city.

Apartment rental is a great option for anybody visiting the Danish capital, but can be particularly recommended for families, groups and business people, who do not want the stress of staying in a hotel.

Where to find apartments for rent in Copenhagen?

Apartments for rent in Copenhagen can be found through a number of online agencies. On the websites of these agencies, you will be able to view a wide variety of apartments scattered all over Copenhagen’s city centre as well as the suburbs surrounding it. For some of these apartments, you will be able to do instant booking, where you book right away through the website. In other cases, there may be a short time lapse, where the owner of the apartment has to agree, before your booking is confirmed.

Upon arrival to the Danish capital, you will need to pick up your key and settle the account after which you are free to head out in the charming streets of Copenhagen’s inner city for shopping, sightseeing or to enjoy one of the city’s many culinary experiences.

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Apartments in Copenhagen – advice about how to find apartments in Copenhagen

Apartments in Copenhagen – advice about how to find apartments in Copenhagen

Are you going to Copenhagen on a holiday or business trip without yet knowing where to stay? If this is the situation you are in, then you can choose to either stay in a hotel, bed and breakfast or even rent your own apartment. This article will tell you more about renting apartments in Copenhagen and which part of the city is particularly attractive to stay in.

In which parts can I find and rent apartments in Copenhagen?

Apartments for rent are available all over Copenhagen. However, we do recommend you staying in one of the apartments relatively close to the city center. These apartments are characterized by not being too expensive while being within easy distance to the many sights in Copenhagen’s beautiful inner city. The city center can from these areas just outside of it be accessed both on foot and through Copenhagen’s great public transportation in terms of busses, metro and train.

Apartments in Copenhagen near Strøget

If you find any apartments near this famous shopping street, then Strøget is an obvious place to stay. Strøget is Copenhagen’s most well known street and is characterized by a charming mixture of high-end shops, malls, small stalls and street artists. Furthermore, Strøget runs through Copenhagen’s inner city providing very easy access to the many other sites nearby. The price per night for renting apartments in Copenhagen near Strøget averages around 20 to 65 Euros.

Staying near the central station, Tivoli and Copenhagen town hall

Another option is to rent an apartment just south of Strøget in the area surrounding Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli, the town hall square and the central station. This area of Copenhagen is known for its charmingly busy atmosphere while being in close proximity to the major sites of the city. Furthermore, being close to the central train station gives you easy access to take a day or two out of Copenhagen to see some of Denmark’s other cities.

If you stay in this area do not miss the opportunity to visit Tivoli, which is one of the most popular attractions in all of Copenhagen. Tivoli is a very large and modern amusement park that offers a great day out for kids and grownups alike. Furthermore, if you stay in this area you should take a walk on Copenhagen’s town hall square, which is often being used for political gatherings, concerts and other cultural activities.

Where to find Copenhagen apartments for rent?

Apartments in Copenhagen can be rented through a number of agencies, who rent out apartments that either they or somebody else own and have decided to rent out short term. Most of these agencies have their own website and can be found when searching for various relevant keywords such as ‘apartments Copenhagen’, ‘apartments for rent in Copenhagen‘ and so on.

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